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Chen Yong, representative of Jinan Municipal People`s Congress and Chairman of our Group: Promote the participation of university campuses in the central city in urban renewal


On the morning of January 13, representatives attending the Third Session of the 17th National People's Congress of Jinan continued to deliberate on the government work report made by Jinan Mayor Sun Shutao. The delegates spoke enthusiastically and unanimously praised the fact that in the past extraordinary year, the Jinan Municipal Party Committee and Government led the whole city to win the 2020 epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development. At the same time, Jinan is also excited and inspired for Jinan's full integration into the major national strategy of ecological protection and high-quality development of the Yellow River Basin, and the new journey of building a modern and powerful provincial capital in the new era.

"Mayor Sun`s report summarizes the past work comprehensively and brilliantly, and draws a high and bright future!" During the deliberations of the Licheng delegation, Chen Yong, a representative of the People`s Congress of Jinan, counted the highlights in the report and was excited. Jinan ushered in a major event. Historical development opportunities, focusing on the "five Jinan" and "five centers", and fully implementing the new urban development pattern of "East strong, Xixing, South America, North, and China excellent" are the Jinan Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government taking a higher position. A wise decision to plan Jinan's high-quality development with a larger pattern.

Representative Chen Yong said that the "medium-optimal" deployment of Jinan's urban development pattern is the best path and best plan to promote urban renewal. The Jinan Natural Resources and Planning Bureau issued the "New Urban Development Pattern "Zhongyou" Recent Key Areas and Project Action Plan", which puts forward the five major areas to be built in the near future. Among them, the Honglou Square area will be renovated and upgraded, and the "University Campus" The integration of the three districts, science and technology parks, and public communities, and the idea of integrated development have provided good enlightenment for the city`s larger scope, more participation, and deeper implementation of the [medium-quality" deployment and the promotion of urban organic renewal.

Representative Chen Yong suggested that the university campuses in the central city should be promoted to participate in the urban renewal action, integrated into the development pattern of [intermediate excellence", and take the [three-zone linkage and integrated development" as an important reference, and strongly support the Licheng District to establish itself in the [Science and Innovation Calendar". Target advanced areas such as Yangpu, create a pilot zone for [Science and Innovation China" centered on Shandong University`s central campus and Honglou campus, implement large-scale urban renewal, reconstruct modern urban main buildings, and promote university research institutes and innovation platforms Accelerate the gathering and uplift a new height. Fully support the transfer and transformation of technological achievements, and at the same time introduce various high-end commercial brands, build leisure places such as maker centers, coffee shops, and bookstores to create the "most nutritious" place in Jinan. In order to expand the extension of urban renewal, enhance the connotation of high-quality development, in-depth implementation of the strategy of revitalizing the city through science and education, comprehensive implementation of the city-school integrated development, exploring the path of Jinan, and setting a benchmark for Jinan.At the same time, it is recommended to comprehensively sort out the science and technology, talents, and land space resources of the old campuses of universities along the Wenhua Road, and use the Qianfoshan campus of Shandong Normal University as a breakthrough pilot to give full play to the cultural education of Shandong Normal University in music and fine arts that has been inherited for more than half a century. Resource advantages, to create the "cultural heart and artistic lung" of the provincial capital. Based on the core advantages of Shandong Normal University's education talent training, reshape the brand education industry chain of the Shanshi system, create a complete and systematic education industry system from early childhood education to primary and secondary education, higher education, continuing education to university education for the elderly, and increase science and education The intensity of innovation and the breadth of serving cities, fostering integration of industry and education and economic growth poles, meet the multiple needs of the people for a better life. With "culture as the foundation, science and technology as the wings", focusing on the "five Jinan" and "five centers", we will focus on the construction of a modern and powerful provincial capital in the new era and the realization of the goal of a modern international metropolis of "Greater and Stronger Meifutong" as soon as possible.

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